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ANNUITies (Fixed & fixed indexed)

We believe in keeping your Money. We only offer Fixed & Fixed Indexed Annuities, so you do not lose your Principal. Variable Annuities cost more in management fees and can lose your principal.


1. In the accumulation phase, you (the annuity owner) send your premium payment(s) (all at once or over time) to the annuity issuer. If these payments are made with after-tax funds, you may invest an unlimited amount.

2. The annuity issuer places your funds in its general account.* Your annuity contract specifies how your principal will be returned as well as what rate(s) of interest you'll earn during the accumulation phase. Your contract will also state what minimum interest rate applies.**

3. The compounding interest on your annuity accumulates tax deferred. You won't be taxed on these earnings until funds are withdrawn or distributed.

4. The issuer may collect fees to manage your annuity account. You may also have to pay the issuer a surrender fee if you withdraw money in the early years of your annuity.

5. Your annuity contract may contain a guaranteed** death benefit or other provisions for a payout upon the death of the annuitant. (As the annuity owner, you're most often also the annuitant, although you don't have to be.)

6. If you make a withdrawal from your deferred fixed annuity before you reach age 59, you'll not only have to pay tax (at your ordinary income tax rate) on the earnings portion of the withdrawal, but you may also have to pay a 10 percent premature distribution tax, unless an exception applies.

7. After age 59, you may make withdrawals from your annuity without incurring any premature distribution tax. Since nonqualified annuities have no minimum distribution requirements, you don't have to make any withdrawals. However, your annuity contract may specify an age at which you must begin taking income payments.

8. To obtain a guaranteed** fixed income stream for life or for a certain number of years, you could annuitize, which means exchanging the annuity's cash value for a series of periodic income payments. The amount of these payments will depend on a number of factors, including the cash value of your account at the time of annuitization, the age(s) and gender(s) of the annuitant(s), and the payout option chosen. Usually, you can't change the payments once you've begun receiving them.

9. You'll have to pay taxes (at your ordinary income tax rates) on the earnings portion of any withdrawals or annuitization payments you receive.

*These funds are invested as part of the general assets of the issuer and are therefore subject to the claims of its creditors.

**All guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.






Protect your Assets from Litigation

(Annuitize your Business Assets)

  • Asset Protection

    Most state and federal statutes protect annuities from civil liabilities, liens and debt claims.

    Many business owners and professionals, especially those that are susceptible to liability litigation, protect their wealth inside of annuities.

    It is important to check applicable exemption laws in your state before

    investing in an annuity for the purpose of asset protection.


Fixed Indexed Annuities

  • Create Accumulation and Income opportunities without losing your principal investment

  • Create Lifetime Income, Death Benefit for your Beneficiaries, Free Withdrawals, and Inflation Protection for your Income

  • Maximize your Social Security Check and create Income for Life

  • Create a Safe Retirement from Market Volatility

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Decrease costs due to Employee Wage Garnishments, Child Support and Bankruptcies. Help your Employees to fund their own Retirements by providing Financial Education and reducing the costs of creating a 401k retirement fund.


Business Owners: Finance your Business Expenses and Fund your Retirement fund at the same time (Cost Recovery Strategy)



  • Recover part or all of monies spent on targeted expenses while still recording them as an expense to the business

  • Recover the lost opportunity costs associated with these expenses

  • Apply a banking model to your business

  • Use the banking model to become your own financing source for future expenditures

  • Get money out of the business on a favorable basis to help supplement retirement



What if you could learn to grow your money at double-digits?

Learn how to protect your retirement money from market crashes?

Borrow for a car, and make yourself richer? Grow your money tax-free?

Ask us we know how...


Plan for Success & Discover...  

  •  How to eliminate ALL debt, mortgage included, in 9 years or less.

  •  How to accumulate wealth on any income.

  •  Why investing in the stock market is not for everyone - learn smarter ways to retire wealthy.

  •  Why your 401(k) may not be enough and what experts will never tell you about saving for the future.

  •  How to cut your tax burden by up to half!

    There are two proven paths to building wealth:

You can increase the amount of money you make,

OR you can increase the amount of money you keep.

Your Family Bank utilizes both.  It is a system that helps both individuals and businesses redirect money normally lost to debt, interest and taxes back into their circle of wealth, while at the same time ensuring that your dollar gains a positive rate of return every day.

So... Are you 100% sure you are going to have a great Retirement, or do you have some doubt?




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